Christmas Tree Care


Our own trees are freshly cut on site on the day you collect them ensuring maximum freshness. If you have bought a larger tree from us it will have been sourced from a local British grower and have been recently cut. Ask us if you want more details.

When you get the tree home

Keep it outside in the cool until you want to bring it into the house If it has been netted remove the net and let the tree stand for at least 24 hours so that it will regain its shape. As soon as you get the tree home saw 2.5cm (1in) off the bottom with a pruning saw, place in a bucket with three inches of water and regularly check the level.

Displaying in the house

Choose a stand that holds water, fill it up and check the level daily. Avoid placing trees too close to a fire or radiator as this will cause excessive moisture loss and needle drop. With care, cut trees should last about four weeks, especially Nordmann fir, a species that suffers little needle drop.